PVC Pipe Spacers Underground Duck Bank

PVC Pipe Spacers Underground Duck Bank

FARMESACO’s PVC Pipe Spacer, also known as Underground Duct Bank, is an interlocking spacer system to organize the conduits for all kinds of underground cable duct systems.
The product comes in two separate parts, Base & Intermediate, which are connected to each other using the interlocking system to obtain the desired multichannel duct bank as per drawing specs.

Available Sizes: 4, 6, 8 inch

Product Specs/ 8inch– as a sample:

Spacer Width10.80 inch
Base Spacer/Height/
From Ground/ Bottom
of Pipe to Ground
3 inch
Intermediate Spacer/
Height/From Lower
Pipe to Upper Pipe
2 inch
Part Thickness1 inch
Suitable for Pipe Dim220mm
FARMESACO Guidance /// Item Codes and Dimensions