Pile Cage Spacer

Pile Cage Spacer

To be attached to the external steelwork of pile cages to ensure correct spacing of the steelwork from the shuttering.FARMESACO’s pile cage spacers are made of high-density plastic blend to ensure required concrete cover is maintained over the length of the steel piles. With its circular shape, they
are smoothly installed at the reinforcing cage without any damage. Pile cage spacers are available in both open and closed type and in 75mm(150mm outer dia) and 100mm (200mm outer dia) covers.

As a manufacturing facility, we manufacture items based on market considerations with different
brands. Hence, our items normally carry the marking as NPC/ RPCO for 75mm & FARMESACO for
100mm sizes.

Item Code
(Internal Use)
(Product Marking)
Rebar Dia
FMS– PS– O 75RPCO75mm8-16mm
FMS– PS– C 75NPC75mm8-16mm
FMS– PS– O 100FARMESACO100mm8-20mm
FMS– PS– C 100FARMESACO100mm8-20mm

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