Drainage Cell

Drainage Cell

FARMESACO’s Drainage Cell System is designed to provide a perfect Solution for sub-soil drainage application for creating a successful Roof Garden, without any traditional problems associated with cracking or leakage.30mm Drainage Cell System provides a uniform surface as well as an internal void space for effective draining of excess water.

Drainage Cell is a durable, eco-friendly, and high-performance geosynthetic product that creates a permanent, non-clogging, and efficient drainage layer between the soil and the structure. It consists of a polypropylene core wrapped or covered with a geotextile filter, which allows water to flow freely while preventing soil particles from clogging the drainage system. Drainage Cell has a high compressive load-carrying capacity, a high lateral flow capacity, and a large void space that preserves the drainage efficiency after backfill and compaction. Drainage Cell is easy to install, maintain, and transport compared to traditional drainage methods that require heavy gravel and machinery. It is suitable for various subsoil drainage applications such as roof gardens, planter boxes, podiums, retaining walls, basements, car parks, sports fields, and more. Drainage Cell is the ideal solution for membrane protection and subsurface water management, as it reduces the risk of cracking and leakage in the concrete slab by allowing the heat to escape during high summer temperatures.

Benefits or advantages:

  • Drainage Cell has a high compressive load-carrying capacity of greater than 40 tons/m2, which allows materials to be delivered directly by truck and machinery over the drainage layer.
  • Drainage Cell has a very high lateral flow capacity, which ensures a fast and effective drainage of excess water to the designated outlets.
  • Drainage Cell preserves the actual void size for effective drainage after backfill and compaction, unlike gravel systems that can reduce the void space and drainage efficiency.
  • Drainage Cell is resistant to biological and chemical contaminants, as well as soil-borne bacteria, making it suitable for various environments and applications.
  • Drainage Cell helps to reduce the risk of cracking and leakage in the concrete slab by allowing the heat to escape during high summer temperatures, thus enhancing the life of the building.

The cylindrical cup structure provides water retention for passive landscape & irrigation and helps build a water bed in the above soil profile for the vegetation to flourish in prolonged dry periods.

30mm Drainage Cells are made from recycled Polypropylene and are inert to soil-borne chemicals and bacteria.

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Areas of Application:

Roof greening—Bridge abutments—Underground—Tunnels—Playground—
Retaining walls—Golf courses water drainage—Fire truck access paths—
Golf buggy—Trolley paths—Noble living communities—
Emergency vehicle access roads through fields