Adjustable Height Pedestals

Adjustable Height Pedestals

It is an ideal solution for supporting terrace tiles, tile joists, grates, and other pavement constructions such as floors, walkways, or platforms. They are widely used both in residential buildings as well as public and industrial facilities. In collaboration with DD Group, Poland, FARMESACO FZC represents DD Pedestals in the UAE market.

DD Pedestal Standard Series is a range of adjustable pedestals that are designed to support terraces on various substrates. They are made of high-quality polypropylene and have a height regulation from 30 to 420 mm. They are easy to install, maintain, and customize according to the project specifications. They have various accessories such as self-leveling head, rubber shim, vertical closure clip, edge spacer clip, SBR rubber pad, and joist adapter. They are ideal for ventilated terraces, roof gardens, podiums, planter boxes, and more. DD Pedestal Standard Series is the innovative solution for terrace construction and membrane protection.

  • Experience the superior compatibility of our DD Pedestal Standard Series with waterproofing membranes. Engineered to uphold the integrity of your membrane layer, our pedestals ensure seamless integration without risk of damage or penetration while enabling hassle-free access for inspection and maintenance.
  • Benefit from the advanced drainage capabilities of our DD Pedestal Standard Series. By creating a ventilated space between your terrace and the substrate, our pedestals effectively prevent water accumulation, promoting optimal evaporation for a dry and durable surface.
  • Discover the unparalleled versatility of our DD Pedestal Standard Series, designed to support a wide range of surface elements including ceramic, stone, concrete, wood, or composite tiles, as well as gratings, joists, floors, pavements, or platforms.
  • Enjoy effortless adjustability with our DD Pedestal Standard Series. Our pedestals ensure precise and adaptable installation on any terrain, featuring a self-leveling head capable of compensating for slopes up to 5%, and a height coupler extending the height range up to 420 mm.
  • Embrace innovation with our DD Pedestal Standard Series, offering a comprehensive range of accessories to enhance the stability, functionality, and aesthetics of your terrace. From rubber shims and vertical closure clips to edge spacer clips, SBR rubber pads, and joist adapters, our accessories elevate your outdoor space with unrivaled performance and style.

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