DD Pedestal Max Series

DD Pedestal Max Series

The MAX adjustable pedestals will work perfectly in constructing terraces and other structures with higher requirements. In addition to industrial applications, they are most often used in specialized urban projects, such as city fountains or high special-purpose floors. In collaboration with DD Group, Poland, FARMESACO FZC represents DD Pedestals in the UAE market.

DD Pedestal Max Series is a range of adjustable pedestals that are designed to support high and heavy terraces on various substrates. They are made of high-quality polypropylene and have a height regulation from 45 to 950 mm. They are easy to install, maintain, and customize according to the project specifications. They have accessories such as a self-leveling head, base corrector, slope corrector, and joist adapter. They are ideal for ventilated terraces, fountains, industrial floors, and more. DD Pedestal Max Series is an innovative solution for terrace construction and membrane protection.

  • DD Pedestal Max Series is compatible with waterproofing membranes, as it does not damage or penetrate the membrane layer and allows easy access for inspection and maintenance.
  • DD Pedestal Max Series is free draining, as it creates a ventilated space between the terrace and the substrate that prevents water accumulation and facilitates evaporation.
  • DD Pedestal Max Series is versatile, as it can support various surface elements such as tiles, gratings, joists, beams, floors, pavements, or platforms.
  • DD Pedestal Max Series is adjustable, as it has a self-leveling head that can compensate for slopes up to 5% and a base corrector that can adjust the structure’s slope by up to 14%.
  • DD Pedestal Max Series is innovative, as it has various accessories that enhance the terrace’s stability, functionality, and aesthetics, such as routable disc spacers, movable gap spacers, and joist adapter.

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