PE Backer Rod

PE Backer Rod

Backer Rods are used for concrete precast building. Backer rods are inserted between the concrete panels to fill the gap, thus providing a ‘backer’ for the sealant that is applied. These backer rods can be
used around doors, windows, wall joints, as well as foundations.
Backer Rods are recommended in numerous construction applications because it:
– Saving sealant material by filling in most of the gaps
– Providing additional insulation and increasing energy efficiency of a
– Blocking drafts, giving additional quality to window installations.

FARMESACO’s Backer Rods In Focus

Our Backer Rods are closed-cell, resilient, polyethylene backer rods used as a backup material for construction joints and applications which require sealants. They perform as a depth control for most known cold-applied sealants. Sealants will not adhere to the Backer Rods and no bond breaker is required.

FARMESACO Guidance /// Item Codes and Dimensions

Installation Recommendations:

Joint or opening must be free of all contaminates, loose materials, dry and free of frost. Select correct rod size for joint width. With a blunt instrument or roller, seat Backer Rod to the depth recommended by the sealant manufacturer.

Technical Characteristics:

Our Backer Rod is chemically inert and will resist gasoline, oil, and most solvents. The product will not stain or adhere to sealants.

– Density: 24~25Kg/cbm (approximately)

– Water Absorption: less than 0.0012(ASTM C-177)

– Temperature range: –40°C to +90°C, Compression Recovery: > 90%

– Tensile Strength : 660KN/m2(DIN53571)

Meets standards ASTM C-177, and DIN53420, 53577, 53571, 53572

FARMESACO Guidance /// Item Codes and Dimensions

Warranty: FARMESACO FZC warrants this product to be of merchantable quality when used or applied in accordance with the instructions or applied in accordance with the instructions provided in this data sheet and stressed in the MSDS document. The product is not warranted as suitable for any purpose or use other
than the general purpose for which it is intended. FAMRSACO
FZC makes no other warranty, with respect to its backer rods.
FARMESACO’s sole obligation shall be, at its option, to replace
or refund the purchases of the number of its backer rods proven to be defective and FAMRESACO shall not be liable for any
loss or damage.
– In the event of a claim under this warranty, notice must be given to FARMESACO FZC in writing through the e-mail address provided on our website.

Typical Application Note:

FARMESACO’s PE Backer Rods should not be used with hot-melt adhesives and sealants where their temperature exceeds the operating temperature range stated on this data sheet.